Our Town 2013

Operations are running differently this year for Our Town 2013, which is happening on Saturday, April 13th from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 

Participants are urged to sign-up ASAP either by visiting the GCSU office or by emailing Ben Butler at bsrbutler@gmail.com with name, cell phone number and skill set (landscaping, moving, construction, painting or etc).

This year, participants will be assigned to our Job Sites (listed below) and should know where they will be helping beforehand. Walk-ins are also welcomed and will be assigned to site upon arrival.


  • A continental-styled breakfast will be served at 8:30 a.m. in the Brig.
  • Food served: donuts, bagels, fruit, juice and coffee 
  • Water bottles, brochure packets and t-shirts will be handed out to participants

Site Work:

  • Participants will be participating in one of several sites: 
    • City House
    • Beaver County Christian School (BCCS)
    • Tiger Pause
    • Beaver County Association for the Blind
    • Beaver County Humane Society
    • Beluah Baptist Church
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County
    • Geneva’s Volleyball Court


  • Lunch wil be served at the grill in front of Clarke
  • Burgers, hotdogs and Chic-Fil-a will be served picnic style
  • Drinks provided

For any additional questions, contact Ben Butler at bsrbutler@gmail.com


Structural Improvements


Last Monday (2/4/13), the GCSU officially passed by a two-thirds vote to improve its structure. This happened as a result to weeks of brainstorming, which sought to best improve the current structure in order to: increase efficiency, add to campus-improvement funding and to clarify roles to the student body.

The structure is split into two categories: elected and hired.

Elected Positions: The Executive President is the first modified role. Firstly, the name has been changed to “Executive Student Body President.” Students with junior or senior class status and two years GC Life Experience (or one year with special permission) are eligible to run for this office. Candidates will be elected by popular student vote and will oversee the GCSU’s operations much like any Chief Executive Officer.

If a senior runs for Executive Student Body President, and wins, then there will be three other positions elected by the students: Junior Class President, Sophomore Class President and Freshman Class President.

If a junior, however, runs for Executive Student Body President, and wins, then there will be the following three positions elected by the students: Senior Class President, Sophomore Class President and Freshman Class President.

This allows the Executive Student Body President to represent his/her class, while also overseeing the GCSU. It simplifies the student president structure and reduces costs to better fund campus-improvement projects.

Hired Positions: The other Executive positions have also undergone name changes The names are now: “Executive Coordinator of Clubs,” “Executive Coordinator of Finance” and “Executive Coordinator of Communications.” The GCSU felt that these name changes better represent these positions, which are now hired rather than elected. The GCSU, along with guidance from mentors and advisors, felt that these positions are better suited to be hired because each requires a particular skill set.

The Executive Coordinator of Clubs will also have a hired Clubs Coordinator to assist him/her, and the Executive Coordinator of Communications will also have a hired coordinator to assist him/her in campaigns and efforts.

In the coming weeks — while continuing work with the Open Hours Policy, the Courtyard Project and other proposals — the GCSU seeks to revise the Constitution and has appointed a Constitutional Committee of GCSU veterans to better inform these efforts.

Meeting Recap — 1/14/13

We’re all about creative positive campus improvements at Geneva College, so we were excited to see our Brite Screen Project finally come to fruition in Alexander Dining Hall. This was made part by efforts by the entire union, along with significant work by Purchasing Director Nancy Graham and Instructional Media Director Dave Rhoades.

In other campus-improvement news, the Courtyard Planning Committee —  the union’s group dedicated to building a gorgeous courtyard area outside the Student Union — will begin meeting again this week and will continue every week afterwards.

The GCSU is also meeting weekly now to increase our effectiveness and teamwork as a group, especially with the Courtyard Project and the Open Hours Proposal on the front burners.

In regards to the Open Hours Proposal we passed last semester, Executive President Jeff Clingan and Social Media Manager Ben Butler met with the Dean of Student Development Dr. Mike Loomis and the Director of Residence Life Neil Best late last year. During their meeting, they received key edits to their proposal along with additional wisdom to help make the idea a reality for students. After changes were submitted back to Dr. Loomis and Best, they approved them and are now onto the later stages of the project — taking the proposal to Provost Ken Carson and President Ken Smith. The GCSU is keeping in regular contact with Dr. Loomis and Best to monitor the progress of the proposal.

The union also talked substantially about what is the best direction to take the GCSU itself. Ideas were shared about the mission  statement, what the union has actually done and what it should actually do in an effort to best serve the student body and stay relevant on today’s campus.

Stay tuned as the journey continues towards campus improvement, both physically and policy related.

Meeting Recap — 11/26/12 by: Ben Butler

Perhaps in the most exciting meeting this semester, the GCSU passed a student proposal, a proposal for Alex’s and another regarding Open Hours.

If you passed through the lobby of Alex’s within the last three weeks, you probably noticed Rashad Briscoe — President of the Multicultural Student Union (MCSU) — sitting with a collection box to help support the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Overall, the MSCU raised $300 in Geneva Community donations. He approached the GCSU with a proposal asking it to match the donations. The GCSU discussed the proposal and decided to not only match it, but nearly double it in order to assist those in need.

The GCSU is providing $700 to the MCSU so that they can donate it to the Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Earlier in the semester in one of its first meetings, the GCSU passed a proposal to put a Brite Screen in the lobby of Alex’s. The project encountered financial difficulties, so the GCSU decided to pass another proposal allocating $1218.99 to the cause. Dave Rhoades, Instructional Media Center Director, will be leading the purchasing and installation.

Open Hours have been at the top of student discussion for quite some time now. After discussions with Director of Residence Life Neil Best, the GCSU prepared a proposal — based on one written earlier this semester by Residential Area Coordinator for Upperclassman Learning Dan Williams (’07) — to extend Open Hours to:

Sunday: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m.

      Monday: 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

      Tuesday: 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

      Wednesday: 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

      Thursday: 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

      Friday: 6 p.m. – 1 a.m.

      Saturday: 12 p.m. – 1 a.m.  

The proposal passed and now the GCSU plans on meeting with Mr. Best and Dr. Loomis next Wednesday to discuss it further. The proposal must be approved by them and then approved by other members of the administration before a policy change can truly be made.

After discussing the proposals, newly-appointed GCSU Executive President revealed to the union that the GCSU will once again foot the bill on keeping Skye Lounge open until 3 a.m. through finals week and also provide Orms Donuts on Reading Day.

Lastly, the floor was open to discuss the recent decision to appoint Jeff Clingan to the Executive President position. The members went back-and-forth on the issue, but ultimately came to this conclusion: the decision was passed by a written proposal and if any of the current members would like to see it change then they will have to do the research and planning to write another proposal that will have to be reviewed and voted on at the next GCSU meeting.

The GCSU would like to thank the Cabinet’s Editor-in-Chief Joel Shannon for covering the meeting and Rashad Briscoe for bringing forth such a good-willed idea.

If you would like to see campus change or have an idea you would like to see then contact the GCSU at gcsu@geneva.edu.

Graphic Mastermind: Dan Martin

Dan Martin is many things – a member of the Geneva College Men’s Soccer Team, participant in intramural sports and a business marketing major. However, many may not know about his tremendous graphic design talent.

Involved with the GCSU since last spring 2012, Dan has created all of the union’s posters and logos wallpapering campus, bringing the student-group’s visual appeal to a new high. He has also taken upon countless independent projects for other students and groups on campus.

This year he specifically tackled the task of redesigning the “Go-Green” hot mugs (pictured immediately below), which are currently being manufactured and should be available for sale after the upcoming Thanksgiving Break.


Dan intends to continue accomplishing great things and beautiful marketing for the GCSU, furthering him along his journey in the advertising field.

Below are some samples of his work for the GCSU.  






Hard-hitting Accountant: Justin Brothers

Trustworthy senior accounting major by day and hard-hitting rugby player by night, Justin Brothers serves as the Vice President of Finance for the GCSU.

Justin handles all of the behind- the-scenes budgetting behind the GCSU’s events and many functions. He also works with the money gathered from Homecoming T-Shirt and Go-Green mug sales, as well as other processes vital to the management of the student union. All this contributes to his experience leading into the business field, which he feels called toward. He knows the GCSU will give him the necessary preparation in financial decision making regarding many stakeholders.

On a lighter note, he enjoys the simple things in life like the color orange, v-necks and Chipoptle. Justin Brothers is the man you should approach in Alex’s or the Brig if you have any ideas for campus improvements.

And if you’re too shy for that, contact him by email: justin.brothers@genev.edu

Meeting Recap — 10/29/12 by: Ben Butler

During this meeting, the GCSU tackled several issues including the Geneva Forum, website improvement ideas and other creative projects.

Final preparations were being made for the Geneva Forum. The Forum is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7th in Skye Lounge from 7:30-9 p.m. and will feature a reception at the beginning for food. The President’s Cabinet and Vice President of Finance Justin Brothers are spearheading the project and excited to see the students interact with the administration. Important administrative team members including Associate Vice President for Operations and Human Resources Tim Baird, Provost Ken Carson and President Ken Smith will be available to answer any student questions regarding Geneva’s policies.

Vice President of Communications Pamela Matteo addressed the topic of GCSU website updates, revealing that everything was updated on Geneva’s home site. The updated information can be found here: http://www.geneva.edu/page/gcsu. She also announced that Videographer Alex Aseltine would be working on several video projects.

Geneva Clubs will be living large this holiday season. Vice President of Clubs Jeff Clingan revealed several details about the Club’s Christmas party. Although the details are still being finalized, he did say that it would be one to remember. Club presidents, keep your eyes open for his email regarding the event.

Work is still being done to move two projects including getting a brite screen in the lobby of Alex’s and to hang a new tire swing in front of McKee Hall. Executive President Christian Coleman is also speaking with several contractors about the possibility of an outdoor basketball court somewhere on campus.

Stay tuned for further updates from the GCSU, and as always if you have ideas for changes you’d like to see on campus, contact us on Facebook, Twitter or at gcsu@geneva.edu. We dare you.

Firm-rooted History: A Spotlight on Geneva’s History Club


Off-and-on since an impressive establishment in the 1930’s, the Geneva History Club has been consistently active since 2008 with full intentions to continue strong. The current leadership for 2012-2013 consists of: President, NaKoma Neilson; Vice President, Andrew Braun; Secretary, Laurel Ronning; and Treasurer, Rachel Noble.

They seek to educate their members in history and current events, while also maintaining a light and calm atmosphere. Recently, they formed a new internship at the Beaver Area Heritage Museum and Foundation. The internship will involve the professional processes of historical categorization of photos and documents, and will provide other real-world experience.

Most notably the History Club is known for History Jeopardy, which is a friendly competition involving students answering questions about historical events, people and places. They recently held their latest installment last Friday, October 26th and experienced remarkable success. Another is being planned for the Spring of 2013.

For more information about the History Club, contact NaKoma Neilson on Facebook, or like their Facebook page here. 

The Go-To Man for Anything Geneva Clubs Related: Jeff Clingan

Meet Your Vice President of Clubs: 

All of your concerns and ideas regarding any Geneva College student-run club are filtered through senior Mechanical Engineering major Jeff Clingan, who has been the Vice President of Clubs for the GCSU since August 2012. He pursued the position to insure the wide-spread success of Geneva Clubs as well as to better himself as a leader.

Jeff comes from Washington, PA and has been a hands-on man since 2nd grade, which is when he started playing the drums. His other interests include hockey and driving his motorcycle and other motor vehicles. Such interests fuel his dreams to travel to Italy to tour the Ferrari factory and enjoy some of history’s greatest landscapes.

If you have a club you’d like to see happen, or have questions about your current club, feel free to contact him at jeff.clingan@geneva.edu.

Meeting Recap — 10/16/12 by: Ben Butler

The GCSU covered several important details for upcoming campus events — especially Geneva’s annual Homecoming celebration that occurred this past weekend — while also handling additional business items including a campus-improvement proposal written by Freshman Class President Ben Che.

Representatives distributed shifts to manage the GCSU Homecoming T-Shirt table from the hours of 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. as well as discussed the details of the Club-run Homecoming Carnival.

Another important order of business was to take pictures for Representative Profiles that will be featured on the Geneva College website in coming weeks. GCSU Videographer Alex Aseltine took the photographs, and they can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.482875028409647.110238.255313067832512&type=1.

Ben Che proposed adding a charging station located in the McCartney Library for commuters who need to charge their laptops while they’re in class, but have nowhere to safely store them. He explained the steel shelved, rolling case that the library has already agreed to place behind their front desk. To further insure a high-quality of security, commuters will have to check-in and check-out with their student identifications with the employee working at the front desk. Costs concerning this project were well-calculated by Che at $433.03.

The GCSU briefly discussed the proposal and decided to pass the proposal with 13 in favor and 1 opposing. The project is currently in progress and no estimated time of completion has been given.

The LCD screen in Alex’s project is also in progress. Last month, the GCSU passed a proposal written by Social Media Manager Ben Butler to put $1000 towards a 55-inch LCD screen in the lobby of Alex’s. Purchasing Director Nancy Graham and Instructional Media Center Director Dave Rhoades are working on getting the highest quality LCD screen for the best price possible. Additional funding is needed from other departments to afford the project and is currently being sought.